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After the loss of a loved one, family members are immediately put in a very challenging position. They are put in charge of administering the estate of the deceased loved one and dealing with the probate process. If you have been put in this position, we want you to know that you do not have to deal with these things alone. We can help. We can take the weight off your shoulders so you can spend time with your family.

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The Law Firm of Meyer & Colegrove is available to help people the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the surrounding parts of Texas.

We have the experience to help you through all aspects of the estate administration and probate process. If you have been named the executor of an estate, we can help you address debts that your loved one has left behind or help with the distribution of assets to your loved one's heirs.

When an estate needs to go through the probate process, we can stand by your side to help you navigate through it. Our goal is to get the matter resolved not only effectively, but efficiently as well.

If you have been named trustee of a trust, we can help you address the responsibilities you may have. Our team can also work with you on issues involving power of attorney and more.

In the case of a dispute over an estate or a will contest, we can stand by your side to help you see that your loved one's true wishes are carried out. We will work hard to see that assets are properly passed on.

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It is not our desire to be just your attorney but a trusted advisor and counselor. We strive for long term, successful relationships with our clients that goes beyond just the practice of law.