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Carrollton Adoption Attorneys Adoption can be an exciting time for a family, but if you've taken a serious look at the adoption process, you've probably found out just how complex of a process it can be. At Meyer & Colegrove, we have years of experience facilitating the adoption process for families and helping them better [..]

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Asset Protection

Asset Protection Lawyers Serving Dallas, Carrollton, and Other Areas You have the right to protect your assets. We can help. We understand the work that goes into building assets. We also understand the threats that exist, such as lawsuits or divorce. At the Law Firm of Meyer & Colegrove, we are experienced in developing proper [..]

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Business Bankruptcy

Texas Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization for businesses and is available when it is clear that a business can become financially healthy and profitable. Chapter 11 allows a business's debts to be restructured so that they aid its growth instead of hinder it with overwhelming [..]

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Business Creditor Protection

Dallas Area Attorneys Representing Creditors in Bankruptcy and Repossession If you loan money to other businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is likely to be one of your biggest risks. Once a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you could be forced to write off the entire debt either because they had no assets or because other lenders [..]

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Business Entity Formation

Carrollton Business Entity Formation Lawyer The most important step in starting a new business is selecting the appropriate legal form and properly filing the necessary documents. This key stage will determine whether you are protected from personal liability for business debts, how you will be taxed, and how easily you will be able to add [..]

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Business Litigation

Carrollton Business Litigation Attorneys In business, competition between businesses or with customers over issues like pricing is a fact of life, and the occasional dispute is a natural byproduct of this competition. While most business disputes can quickly be resolved through negotiation a significant number can only be resolved through litigation. If that happens, don't [..]

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Civil Litigation

Experienced Dallas Area Civil Litigation Attorneys Civil litigation covers a wide range of lawsuits between individuals, businesses, or a combination of the two. The process can be long and time-consuming, but it is the only way to receive compensation if someone has committed a wrong against you and neither they nor their insurance company are [..]

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about planning for the future. While few people want to think about their death or incapacity, it's important to do so to avoid leaving your family with a legal mess to deal with after you are gone. If you own a business, you also want to ensure that it will be [..]

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Offsite General Counsel

Carrollton Business Law Attorneys It's a common problem with small and mid-sized businesses — there's no money to pay for a dedicated general counsel and even if one of the executives has a law degree, they're too busy to spend time properly researching important legal issues. The question then becomes do you risk going forward [..]

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Dallas Area Probate and Estate Administration Lawyers Serving Carrollton, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the Surrounding Areas After the loss of a loved one, family members are immediately put in a very challenging position. They are put in charge of administering the estate of the deceased loved one and dealing with the probate process. If [..]

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Real Estate Litigation

Carrollton Real Estate Litigation Attorneys Whether you're buying a house, a huge commercial property, or an empty piece of land, real estate deals are complicated. Luckily, most deals have a way of coming together because buyers and sellers have a common of interest of getting it done. Unfortunately, cold feet, hidden defects, and even intentional fraud [..]

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Real Estate Law & Title Services

Carrollton Real Estate Law Attorneys Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, a first-time home buyer, or anyone in between, we can help you make your real estate transaction a success. The Law Firm of Meyer & Colegrove is available to assist people in Carrollton and the surrounding parts of Texas, including Allen, Richardson, [..]

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Wills & Trusts

Carrollton Wills, Trusts, and Probate Attorneys Are you interested in creating a will? Have you lost a loved one and need assistance with the probate process? The Law Firm of Meyer & Colegrove can help. We understand the personal nature of these matters. We are considerate lawyers, ready to listen to your needs. At The [..]

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