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Business Bankruptcy

Texas Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization for businesses and is available when it is clear that a business can become financially healthy and profitable. Chapter 11 allows a business's debts to be restructured so that they aid its growth instead of hinder it with overwhelming payments.

To learn more about which bankruptcy option is right for you, contact the Carrollton and Plano bankruptcy attorneys at Meyer & Colegrove today.

The legal team at the Law Firm of Meyer & Colegrove is available to help all types of businesses restructure debt. We can stand up for real estate holding companies struggling to pay off foreclosure efforts. We can represent manufacturing businesses in debt to material suppliers. We can work with retail companies and restaurants working hard to pay off small business loans. No matter what your business is involved in, we can help.

Debt restructuring can be accomplished through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. You do not have to shut your business down. This process can allow you to make your debts manageable so that they do not interfere with the future success of your business. We will guide you through the process of creating a reorganization plan so your business can get a fresh start.

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